Friday, November 16, 2007

"..Keep Moving Forward.."

I had a chance to see this movie by Walt Disney Pictures " Meet The Robinsons ". It's a nice movie for the kids but it has a message that can inspire you to move on and find the life that you deserve.

The story was about an orphan boy named Lewis who was abandoned by his mother in an orphanage. The boy grew up with the belief that his mother abandoned her against her will. He had a beautiful thinking that his mother chose to give him a better future in the orphanage than be with her and starved to death. Not long after the boy grew up an avid inventor. He had bad luck in getting a foster parents to adopt him. So he tried to invent a memory-scanner that will give him insight into the past. The purpose was to see his mother , reunite with her and finally leave the orphanage to start a new life.

His invention had a test when he introduced it in their science fair in school. As he was demonstrating his invention a sinister guy realized the success and tried to sabotage it.( I advise you guys to see the movie to find out the other story behind this guy ). As Lewis starts his machine it suddenly exploded and throw the science fair into chaos. Obviously he was humiliated by what happened and ran away leaving his invention. He found himself on top of the roof crushed by his "failure". Suddenly a guy named Wilbur appeared and told him to fix the machine.He happened to be his son from the future. Lewis said he will promise to fix the machine if he proved to be from the future. Astounded by the truth Wilbur showed to Lewis, he began to think about going back in time to see his mother at the time when she gave him up in the orphanage.

The movie is really cute and inspiring so if you have the time try to watch it. I just want to highlight some qualities that Lewis has in the story. He was an ordinary boy but with extra ordinary dreams. Chasing his dreams put him very far forward and in the end he finally found the life that his mother would be happy to see..a life of fulfillment. In our life we will encounter many failures along the way. Often times mistakes opens the door to success if only we learn from it and never give up. Anybody who experience failure tends to give up easily. In my case there are times that I would do the same as what Lewis did. To ran away and feel the failure in an empty space somewhere. I even thought of ending it all up and leave everything behind. But when I look at the picture of my family I felt the shame of letting go and thought about how Jesus endured the greatest pain of betrayal from the people He cares for.

In the movie there was a scene when Lewis was asked to fix the robot as nobody can at the time and it was urgent. Lewis a bit reluctant at first tried his luck to fix it. But again he failed and the work turned out bad. But surprisingly the family did not condemn him but instead applauded his failure. The reason: In "failure" we learn ; in success not so much.

A quote from Mr. Robinson , himself in the future says : " The future will depend on your doing. Nothing is set on stones, You have to make the right choices and Keep Moving Forward. "

In our time there is no time machine to correct our wrong doing. But our past mistakes and failures can help us to shape up our future just like a time machine does.

It is said that the funny thing in chasing dreams is you cannot do it alone. You will need friends around and family to make it real.

A quote from Walt Disney himself says :

" Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. "