Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Pursuit of "Happyness"

I want to share this very touching and inspiring true to life story of Chris Gardner who survived a great life's storm and how he was able to get to the top...... " The Pursuit of Happiness ". If you have the chance I highly recommend this film and get inspired from an ordinary man with an extraordinary heart.

The pursuit of happiness is not the simplest task we have in this world. You have to know and identify what makes you happy and gain that fulfilment. Everybody has a unique form of happiness. For me happiness is having peace and harmony with your loved ones and the people around you. When I see laughter and a smile from my family it makes me feel that life is not that bad at all and that life is worth living.

The state of being happy is a result of an achievement or a simple good deed that you have just done.It takes a lot of patience and hard work sometimes for anyone to achieve it. I actually never thought then when I was younger that the pursuit of happiness can be so complicated that anybody who is weaker in faith can just give up so easily and may never experience the Ecstasy.

In the movie , Chris Gardner identified an obstacle to the family's happiness. In his case due to his unfinished education, life has been hard in his quest to support his family. His wife began to feel insecure when things are getting tight.Sometimes this have to happen so you will find out who is really with you all the way. And it happened , his wife lost hope in him. She actually think he cannot change things as they are then when everything went so wrong in their life. Will Smith unwilling to give up , he made sure that he will be with his son as he struggle to survive.

There was a line that struck my mind in the movie. Chris said to his son :
" Don't ever let anyone tells you that you cannot do anything ... not even me ".

Being a father to a son , we tend to be assuming due to our own capacity that our young child will have a hard time if not fail to do something greater than our thoughts. Little that we know that we have brought into this world God in His image and likeness. In short, our child can transform into a better person even greater than us parents due to his inherit godliness from God.

My son was playing one day in our room. I was with him watching him play. He was just one year old then. The ball he was playing with bounced towards the bed below.He has just learned to walk then. I was worried he will fall down as he tries to grab the ball below. But he hanged on to the bed frames with his little hands as he grabs the ball without falling and he did it. As a parent we tend to worry for our child believing they have not learned that much to go on. In the movie, Chris Gardner demonstrated his respect to that fact that anyone under God's hands can be a winner.

With his mind set to win , Chris would only need a moral boost from his child. He promised to his child that he is going to look for a better job and he needs his trust. The go signal was given..." Yes Dad I trust you ". As he struggled to climb a high mountain to reach his goal Chris succeeded remarkably inspite the odds. You will be surprised how he end up on top after all the humiliating experiences he had. I can imagine myself the pain  he have gone through. But like a pregnant woman giving birth to a child, the birth pains becomes meaningless after seeing the child alive and well. That's what Chrid Gardner felt that special day of victory. He was almost without a word but tears was shown in his eyes with gladness.

So as we see life is difficult as it is but the winner always get to finish the game till the end of the line.In the movie the word Happyness was misspelled on the wall with "y" or why but it should be "i" or I...because the message tells us it is I or ourselves who can make it happiness.


Buchiko said...

I haven't seen this movie, but I know it is one about overcoming overwhelming odds. Happiness can oly be truly found inside us, and not from anyone or anything else. Nice post!

Doodski said...

Thanks Bubut

They said the state of happiness is when you achieved peace in your heart. That everything will be ok.

Will Smith knew that he will be fine after his success in joining the company as a stock broker.So he felt the joy when he was accepted. It is based on a true story.

Thanks again and God bless!

Sophiagurl said...

Hi Kuya, I watched that film and it had a tremendous effect on me too. In fact I also wrote something about it last May.

I wrote there that happiness is not just a state of being but a decision. Today we can decide not to be prisoners of our bad choices in the past. Today we can decide that despite those decisions we can still be happy.

I pray for peace and love in your life always. God bless!

Doodski said...

Thanks Lisa

You are right that happiness can be decided to happen if we choose to be free from worries and believing that things will become brighter soon.

Thanks again and God Bless!

Norie said...

"For me happiness is having peace and harmony with your loved ones and the people around you. When I see laughter and a smile from my family it makes me feel that life is not that bad at all and that life is worth living." I like that son.

I've seen the movie too. The lesson I learn is that no one knows what he can do until he tries.

Happiness is within us and comes from the grace of God. May He gives you this grace always. Love you anak.

Doodski said...

Thanks Tay

Thats true that nobody knows what he can do until he tries. I was inspired by that movie.

I have learned also that determination keeps dreams within reach. We can expect that God will reward a determined heart the joy of winning.

God bless Tay and thanks for your moral support.