Saturday, September 22, 2007

The World of A Child

I remember the day when I attended an orientation seminar for parents as the school starts for my daughter in Kinder. The Director of the school explains the important points for a child's learning development. According to her a child's world must be in order for them to be ready to absorb wisdom and knowledge that the school offer.

What is the world of a Child ?..

I was moved when she explained that the world of a child is their mom and dad.

Suddenly I began to be aware of that great responsibility. As we all know marriage is not at all perfect at all times. We encounter stormy paths along the way and it brings unpleasant environment in the family. At times inevitable we are caught in a middle of a quarrel in front of the child.

I remember one incident that my daughter cried when she saw us raising voices to one another. Both of us in a high steam of anger suddenly collapsed in shame as we hugged her together as she cries emotionally.We tried to explain to her that things happens like this but we still love each other.

Unfortunately according to studies a trauma like this already engraved the bad memory to her brain permanently. So I felt then that she was never the same again when that happened. Years have passed and until now I can't forgive myself in getting into that situation with her. The Director of the school continued to explain that a beautiful world for a child will depend on how adequate love, care and understanding exists within the family. Where there is love there is always time for bedtime stories and recreation together. There is always forgiving, understanding and trust as we make their world a better place. It is only then that they will begin to learn and care for wisdom.

When I think about all these things I realize that we have a great responsibility to our child. And there is also this great responsibility to make our marriage work because it all evolves in this sphere. It is known that a child's world begins to shape as we live our lives as Dads and Moms.

I am thankful to my parents because I remember my world as a child then was a better place. And until now with them. They have succeeded to bring us to a position where we can defend ourselves in life's battles. They passed unto us a sword of faith. I remember my world then was full of love and sharing. I'm proud to say it was beautiful and until now. Thanks Dad and Mom I am so proud of you.I found my strength because of your love. Now it's my turn to make my children's world a better place. I know its not going to be easy but I believe it is worth living for.

I want to share this song by Whitney Houston to all parents out there . Its another old song but it gives a timeless message for us.

Our children finds their strength in LOVE.

" The Greatest Love of All "

By Whitney Houston


Sophiagurl said...

that is so right Kuya. sometimes all the material things in life pales in comparison when you don't have the most important thing in life...and that is the love of parents.

Yes, the responsiblity is big but the rewards are even greater. A happy child is the best gift of all. God bless you!

Doodski said...

Thanks Lisa. In truth you are one of the best moms I've ever known because I can see it through your lovely daughters lives.

A happy child is indeed the best gift you can ever have as parents.

God bless you too Lisa!

Albine said...

It really takes a lot of responsibilities to be parents to a child, but it's worth it. Children are the best treasures parents can ever have. God bless your family!

Jennifer said...

Very lovely post!

Thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom with us!

Blessings and peace,


Doodski said...

Thanks Albine. Best wishes to you and God bless always.

Doodski said...

Thanks Jennifer. Best wishes to you too. Peace and God bless always.

GuitarKeaven1111 said...

The world of a child touched me my friend. Well said.

Doodski said...

Thanks Keaven. Wishing you all the best and God bless always.

Norie said...

Beautiful post anak. We all find our strength in love. Mother Teresa said, " It is not what you do, but how much love you put into it that matters." Yes, love is the secret of lasting heritage not wealth and accomplishments. God bless you always.

Doodski said...

Thanks Tay. Our Lord did the same to us when He showed His great love on the cross. He wants us to believe and receive this great power and strength from God.

God bless you Tay!

Anonymous said...

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